Indian Granite

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Find the best granite in India, with Variation, Colors, Price Range and different types of Indian Granite.


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Embellish your lives with Indian Granite aura

Indian Granites are one of the fairest quality of granite obtainable across the globe. Indian Granite is notable for elegance and strength. Stunning colours and gorgeous patterns made Indian Granite the favourite stone of the planet. Amongst all obtainable building rocks, the one which is mostly used in Indian Granite. It is a stone having noticeable grains that is tougher than marble. It is utilized in making numerous articles that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. These comprise Indian granite countertops, flooring tiles, curbing, paving stone, staircase steps and cemetery memorials.

Krishna Marbles: Apex Dealer of Indian Granite 

Krishna Marbles is one of the leading Indian granite exporters and Indian granite manufacturers from India. At Krishna Marbles, we offer an exclusive range of high-quality Indian Granite. These encompass Indian Granite Blocks, Indian Granite Countertops, Indian Granite Slabs, Granite kitchen countertops, Granite Tiles, granite kerbs, black limestone etc. Indian granite slabs are hard and tough in nature. As a result, they require a terrific polishing. We prefer these characteristics to Brazilian and Chinese granites. The quarries lie in northern and southern parts of India. 


What does Krishna Marble serve?

At Krishna Marbles, we provide the finest Indian granite and a wide range of variations. Our store offers numerous Indian Granite types which are listed below:

  • Imperial Pink Granite
  • Viscous White Granite
  • Ruby Red Granite 
  • Ivory Brown Granite
  • Absolute Black Granite
  • Thunder White Granite
  • River White Granite
  • Red Multicolor Granite
  • Pearl White Granite
  • Impala Black Granite
  • Kashmir White Granite
  • Desert Brown Granite
  • Lavender Blue Granite

These distinct and magnificent varieties of Indian granite stones give an awesome touch of sophistication to  Kitchen countertops, headstone, flooring, wall cladding, bathroom tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles. In addition to this, Indian granite can be used as Paver Blocks, build sculptures and monuments.

Infinite colour array

A wide and elegant spectrum of Indian granite colours in varied designs and shades is available. From beautiful black granite to fascinating shades of white, red, blue, yellow, pink, green and beige grab your eyeballs with their unique aura. All these Granite shades come in distinct thickness and dimensions.

How do Indian Granite products bestow an exotic view to your life?

Indian Granite came into existence centuries ago and has been used in both exterior and interior applications. Krishna Marbles cater to both of your needs as major Indian Granite supplier, Kishangarh

  • Talking about exterior applications, we deliver rough-cut and polished Granite which is used in constructions, bridges, paving, sculptures etc. Exterior applications involve the Indian Granites which are polished, smoothed, sharpened, flamed, split-faced and bush-hammered. 
  • Indoors projects involve the usage of polished  Indian Granite slabs and tiles. We provide premium granite rocks which are utilized in making countertops, stair treads, tile floors and numerous additional decorative elements. Interior applications of Indian granite typically have a shiny texture and a “busy” tinge, but to align with contemporary sensations, Krishna Marbles develop sharp (smooth and unpolished) and flamed (rough textured) granite surfaces too.
  • One can also utilize it as crushed rock or aggregate. In this structure, granite rocks provided by us are used as a base matter at construction settings, as an aggregate in road formation, foundations etc.

Our Pricing 

Indian Granite price formulation varies as per the market setting, requirements and famous sizes. Krishna Marbles tries their best to serve you high-quality Indian Granite at affordable prices. We are highly concerned about interpersonal preferences of our customers and care to build long-lasting and friendly bonds. We believe in taking care of their satisfaction & trust for long term business development as reliable granite dealers.