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A Sight of Stunning Sandstone 

Sandstone is one of the most popular categories of sedimentary rocks and originated from the sedimentary basins throughout the globe. Sandstone, a naturally occurring stone, has characteristics that make it favourable for regular usage both in the indoors and outdoors. Sandstone rock works wonders in every space of the home and every corner of your outdoor terrains.

Krishna Marbles: Premium Dealers of Stunning Sandstones

Since prehistoric ages, sandstone has been utilized for household construction and housewares and continues to be used in modern times as well. Krishna Marbles is a leading Indian Sandstone exporter cum premium dealer from India. We provide sandstones originated from prime locations and processed under world-class units which bestow you an unparalleled experience for life.

What does Krishna Marble serve?

We serve high-quality sandstones manufactured using the sedimentary rock composed of sand-size grains of mineral, rock, or organic material. As Indian sandstone suppliers, we deliver an exclusive range which includes naturally occurring sandstone types such as red sandstone, gold sandstone and teakwood sandstone. These are fairly delicate and soft, making it simple to carve. It has been extensively used around the earth in building churches, homes, and other constructions.

Why choose Sandstone?

Sandstone was a significant building element from ancient periods. Sandstone is prominent for its natural strength, endurance and slip-resistant traits. This stone resists the harsh environments, boosting in quality and aesthetic charm overages. This rock is able to overcome the tensions of the elements and time, as it is produced due to the extreme application of heat and pressure. It’s strength, stability and sandstone texture can grab eyeballs and last for eternity.

How does Krishna Marbles renovate your spaces using sandstone?

  • Indoor Applications: Sandstone can be utilized to build kitchen countertops, bathrooms or floorings in any area of your residence. When sliced into tiles, sandstone tiles can gracefully cover a bathroom wall or adorn your kitchen as a backsplash. Flower urns and other ornamental containers can be prepared for sandstone beautifully. In addition to this, sandstone finds applications in the manufacturing of the candle holders, jewellery boxes and picture frames.
  • Outdoor Applications: Sandstone is also used in the construction of residences and outdoor configurations, as well as entrances or as backing for pillars on porches. It can be employed to construct outdoor ovens, fireplaces, patios or porches, sandstone walls and pathways. Sandstone is preferred for outdoor furniture, such as lawn benches or patio tables due to its incredible qualities. In addition to this, it is also used to make elegant water fountains, lawn planters and troughs, outdoor lighting fixtures as well as swimming pool edges.


  • Artistic Applications: Sandstone can even be employed to develop artistic elements for both inside the home and out, such as animal figures or statues for the lawn. It can be used to create garden globes for arrangement on pedestals (also carved from sandstone.) Sandstone can be used to envelop a work of natural craft prominently exhibited outdoors, such as a beloved rose bush or different blossom in your grassland.

Fantastic spectrum of colours

Depending on the blend of rock flakes, sandstone comes in a varied range of colours from basic white to almost black, grey, red or brown. Krishna Marbles deliver this beautiful array of soothing sandstone colours to your doorstep to assist your landscaping and building stone requirements as sandstone is full of character. 

Our Pricing

Sandstone pricing is decided in accordance with the type and slab size in which it is sliced. These sizes vary from 15×15 cm to 200×100 I’m. Krishna Marbles offers the best prices keeping the quality standards as high as sandstone exporters, India. So, hurry up and get ready to witness the sight of stunning sandstones along with our great service.