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Find the best Italian Granite in India, with Variation, Colors, Price Range and different types of Italian Granite.


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Durable Italian Granites to soothe your surroundings

Italian Granites are one of the most elegant, distinguished and magnificent rocks existing in contemporary times.

Italian Granite lays an outstanding standard with its diversified colour varieties and impressive characteristics. Italy is well recognized for its miscellaneous marbles – but also Italian Granite is now entirely a centre for production and dealing. Who admire natural quality and workmanship, will agree later or earlier only for one type: Italian Granite

World Class Italian Granite Dealers

Krishna Marbles is a world-class Italian granite manufacturer and exporter of incredible Granite stones. At Krishna Marbles, we offer premium quality of Italian granite mined from the best quarries. We deliver durable and thick slabs of Italian Granite which last your years without losing their aura. Italian Granite is extracted in big slabs from numerous quarries. In order to enhance the quantity of product, some dealers chop these slabs into thin portions. This extensively curtails their durability and strength. If you have noticed kitchen countertops that shattered in half, this was the most plausible reason. Our Italian granite arrives at your doorstep in thick slabs and we decrease its size if the consumer has an obvious requirement.

What does Krishna Marble serve?

Krishna Marbles deliver you a diverse range of Italian Granites as a major Italian granite exporter. This exclusive spectrum encompasses Black Pearl Italian Granite, Blue Pearl Italian Granite, Brown Pearl Italian Granite, Volga Blue Italian Granite, Red polished Italian Granite and numerous more choices. So, if you are looking for durable, gorgeous patterns and soothing granite flooring, kitchen countertops and tiles, then make haste and grab the affordable deals at us.

A multitudinous colour range 

Beauty counts a ton when it comes to granite. Italian granite is recognized for its stunning and calming colours. The more elusive the colour one desires, the greater the amount one will have to spend on it. At Krishna Marbles, we serve a diversified spectrum of Italian Granite colours. Since these colours are naturally developed, some colours are much rarer than other ones. The colour shade is dependent upon the mineral composition and impurities present in the granite. In addition to this, the natural phenomenon which led to the formation of the Italian granite counts too.

Why choose Italian Granite?

Since an array of civilizations, Italian Granite has been continuously adorning our lives. Italian Granite is an incredible material when it comes to building floors, kitchen countertops, floor tiles, stair treads and walls. Italian Granite flooring, Italian Granite coffee shops and Italian Granite Countertops are the contemporary trends which not only deliver a unique charm but add to the serenity of the environment too.

Italian Granite is famous for its great thickness and toughness of the element, which is pretty unique when compared to products from other European nations. Italian Granite is pure and possesses high-quality traits. This purity accounts for the long-lasting and scratch-resistance ability of this rock. Italian Granite is highly durable and therefore recommended for monuments, sculptures and cemetery too.

Our Pricing

We are one of the best Italian Granite suppliers in Kishangarh known for delivering these rocks at pocket-friendly prices without making a compromise on the scale of quality. The Italian Granite price varies in accordance with thickness and type desired. Krishna Marbles offer the best assistance to help you choose among the wide range we provide. So, hurry up!