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Catch a Glimpse of Incredible Indian Marbles

While struggling to select the perfect rock for gorgeous and elegant flooring or wall cladding, the option of Indian marbles strikes one’s mind at first. Indian Marbles are recognized for their remarkable textures, resilience, and durability. The marbles which are quarried and refined in India are no less than world-class quality with outstanding shades and pattern.


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Krishna Marbles: Premium Indian Marble Dealers

Krishna Marbles is one of the world-renowned Indian marble manufacturers of remarkable Indian Marble. At Krishna Marbles, we serve premium quality of Indian Marbles extracted from the finest quarries. Indian Marbles delivered by Krishna Marbles are a perfect choice. Marble tiles are a great option for residences and workspaces. Their aura amplifies the elegance and gives rise to a soothing atmosphere. As Indian Marble suppliers in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, we offer these Indian Marbles in the shape of natural slabs, processed blocks and tiles along with soothing border linings.

What does Krishna Marble serve?

Krishna Marbles deliver these beautiful Indian marbles in prime quality and natural glow to use for domestic and commercial applications. Our Indian Marbles have been extensively used for floorings, kitchen countertops, wall tiles, cladding, bathroom tiles etc. Their presence in bedrooms, kitchens, dining spaces, storerooms, religious areas, parking adds a charm to the atmosphere.

A diverse colour spectrum 

Indian Marble is one of the best choices for both interior and exterior aspects. The white shade of Indian Marble is vastly demanded. The reason behind this lies in the fair customization of white marbles in accordance with the interpersonal preferences and choices of customers. 

Commonly, the pure white shade of Indian Marble is highly desirable. Krishna Marbles also ship other promising shades like gold, pink, onyx and numerous other colours. 

  • We offer the Indian variations of White marble which comprise Morwad white marble, opal white marble, Indian statuario marble, Banswara purple marble white sangemarmar marble and numerous others. They are highly desirable as they make the homes look more spacious.
  • Our Yellow Marble range encompasses variations such as antique rainforest marble, Ita gold marble,Jaisalmer yellow marble and goldio marble. Yellow shade furnishes a prosperous and ancestral look to the scenery. It is utilized for flooring (as an accent) or the outdoor regions, in bathroom footings and countertops.
  • The beige shade of Indian marble constitutes katni beige marble and perlato beige marble. Beige Marble is mainly used for the room flooring, bathroom floors and tiles.
  • Krishna Marbles serve the notable variations of Brown Marble which encompass rainforest brown marble, torrento marble, Ambaji brown marble and fantasy brown marble. Brown marble is the most distinguished colour for kitchen and bathroom countertops because they are simpler to maintain than light-shade marble countertops.
  • The contemporary varieties of green marble which incorporate Udaipur green marble, rainforest green marble, Kesariaji green marble and emerald dark green marble are available at Krishna Marbles. Green marble lends an elegant but since it is a dark shade. It is utilized for staircases, kitchen and bathroom countertops, plus outdoor lobbies. In addition to these fascinating colours, black and pink shade is available too all ready to adorn your homes.

Our Pricing

We deliver the best mined Indian Marble stones at affordable prices without making a low-quality settlement. The Indian Marble price depends upon the thickness and category desired. Krishna Marbles as one of the leading Indian Marbles exporters deliver generous aid to assist you to select among the wide span we provide. So, make haste and grab the best Marble deals at affordable prices!