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Experience Marvellous Marbles

Have you ever wondered about the elegant and stunning domes and towers of Taj Mahal? The spectacular grace of this monument made it the seventh wonder of the world. One of the primary constituents of this monument happens to be the magnificent marble. Marble was used vastly throughout the construction, including the marble domes and pillars. Nothing adorns your mansion, buildings and residences like marble columns.


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Krishna Marbles: An abode of Magnificent Indian + Italian Marble

Krishna Marbles is a one of the best marble dealers in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, known for high-quality marbles. We deliver the premium assortment of marbles originated from world-class limestone sites. Numerous customers with themed residences accentuated the magnificence of their prosperous homes via adding pillars to the entrance and front spaces of your house. Impressing your tribe and colleagues with gorgeous marble columns is a move that boasts privilege and character.


What does Krishna Marble serve?

At one of the finest marble suppliers in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, we serve an exclusive range of marbles which is available to embellish your homes and buildings. Marble is a gorgeous, natural stone that has existed, adored and used for years. Our marble possesses a variety of visual impressions and colours and is excavated from caves and quarries.

Our spectrum is categorized into two categories namely Indian Marble and Italian Marble. Our deluxe marble products are distinct and notable for their grace along with intricate finishing. 

We deliver an incredible range of Indian Marbles encompassing multiple varieties include Morwad white marble, Indian Statuario marble, Ita gold marble, Antique rainforest marble, Jaisalmer yellow marble, Ambaji brown marble, Toronto marble, Perlato beige marble, Udaipur green marble etc. Besides, we serve a varied range in Italian Marble division too which comprises  Botticino Marble, Dyna Marble Italian Marble, Crema Marfil Italian Marble, Perlato Royal Marble, Silvia Marble, Golden Portoro Marble, Black Portoro Waves Marble etc.

Why go for Marvellous Marbles?

Marble has been known to civilizations and survived for millions of years, and marble mementoes from extinct societies are unearthed every day. The progression of time does not leave its imprint on it, thus it sustains its natural perspective. Strong and glamorous, marble can stand up to the elements, and withstand them while retaining its look. It’s wide applications led to its popularity over the decades.

  • Krishna Marbles delivers marbles for multiple prospects in both construction and decor. Its usage expands to both interiors and exterior aspects from marble flooring to marble stair treads, marble walls, marble countertops, marble sinks, marble tiles, marble fountains etc. 
  • Marble is a translucent rock that permits light to penetrate and produce a delicate “glow.” It also has the proficiency to take an incredibly great polish. These properties make it a fascinating stone for creating statues. It is soft, giving rise to ease while sculpting, and when it is in fine-grained form, it has identical properties in all directions. 
  • This has been a sensation for hundreds of years, and a label of the status in civilisations. Our Marble floors can augment a glimmer of sophistication to otherwise common home spaces, and even make impressions in business reception regions. 
  • Marble walls have been honoured by royalty and aristocrats since ages. At once a straightforward wall and a classic, marble walls maybe pieces of marble in their raw and endless splendour or they may be sliced into the typical squares that are chopped for floorings. In addition to these, marbles delivered by us adore your fountains, sinks and countertops as well.

An infinite colour expanse

Krishna Marbles serve you the premium quality marbles in a range of wide and varied spectrum of colours and textures, which help when creating or formulating projects.

We offer marbles which originated from the purest limestones resembling wonderful white shades. From elegant shades of yellow, orange, pink, red to stunning grey, black patterns, we make numerous kinds of marbles available at your doorstep. 

Our Pricing

Krishna Marbles is a prominent marble exporter in India known as a  manufacturer of robust and remarkable marble stone. We trade these rocks at highly reasonable rates. The pricing is defined according to the area, thickness and type of marble slab/tile. So, hurry up and embellish your lives with Krishna marbles.