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Adorn your surroundings with Gorgeous Granite

Granite is one of the most prominent options amongst the stones available for residential and commercial applications. As a result, it  has been used for centuries and is considered to be an emblem of stature, strength, and vigour. 


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Krishna Marbles: A Home to Finest Indian & Italian Granite

Krishna Marbles serve the premium quality granite in Kishangarh. We obtained them from one of the best igneous rocks and processed in world-class industries. We are granite dealers in Kishangarh who deal with high-quality granite rocks quarried from Makrana mountain ranges. Our Granite slab is resistant to a variety of stains and blemishes. So, it possesses excellent durability. Therefore, numerous customers adorned their homes using granite over the years.

What does Krishna Marbles serve?

Krishna Marbles is a leading granite manufacturer in Kishangarh. We deliver an outstanding quality of granite. Our range constructs of two categories namely Indian Granite and Italian Granite. Our exclusive granite products are distinguishable and famous for their elegance along with sophisticated finishing. 

We serve a vast range of Indian Granites spanning over numerous variations like Imperial Pink Granite, Viscous White Granite, Ruby Red Granite, Ivory Brown Granite, Absolute Black Granite, Thunder White Granite, River White Granite, Red Multicolor Granite, Pearl White Granite etc. Likewise, we have the best counterparts in case of Italian as well ranging from Black Pearl Italian Granite, Blue Pearl Italian Granite, Brown Pearl Italian Granite, Volga Blue Italian Granite, Red polished Italian Granite and numerous more choices.

Why go for Gorgeous Granite?

The myriad of applications of this incredible stone and fascinating traits are responsible for its immense popularity. 

Get ready to experience the charm of granite as it has a wide variety of applications. This ranges from its use as a construction element to architectural stone, a multi-dimensional rock and decorative stone.

  • Houses, monuments, paving, bridges, and many other construction ventures utilize Granite rocks. Talking about indoor establishments, smoothed granite tiles and slabs delivered are employed in kitchen counters, tile floorings, staircase treads and numerous distinct design aspects. Granite is a material of magnificence. So, it finds applications in projects to create sensations of class and excellence. 
  • We are granite suppliers in Kishangarh for one of the most common usages which are in granite kitchen countertops. Granite countertops are extremely popular and convey an awesome glare. Krishna Marbles delivers granite kitchen countertops carved from a solid slab of granite. Then, it is chopped to custom shape and design and edge-finished later. Our excellent service amplified market demand for granite countertops and has motivated us to cultivate the best quality. Hence, one can order from our store at pocket-friendly prices.
  • In addition to these, we also supply granite tiles which are used to produce an exquisite and colourful workstation. These glorious granite tiles help to a granite sink, elevated counters and backsplash. Moreover, Granite tiles are frequently employed in wall and flooring patterns to develop an exquisite, prime-lustre setting. 
  • Likewise, crushed stone is the most fundamental usage of granite. Krishna Marbles distributes Crushed granite which street and highway construction utilize as a subbase and base substance in
  • Granite white stones or “paving stones” are one of our major products which can make a classy and fascinating way of paving a driveway or porch. The charm of natural stone integrated with excellent craftsmanship can create an extraordinary and enduring effect.  

The soothing spectrum of Granite Colours

Krishna Marbles export rocks under the name “granite” yielded from numerous quarries found throughout the globe. As a result, we deliver a vast range of colour patterns for this gracious stone. From wonderful white to beautiful black, brilliant blue, precious pink, gorgeous green, these colours are available at our company. Hence, they are enough to create a magnificent plus glowing pattern which soothes your eyes.

Our Pricing

Krishna Marbles is a notable granite dealer, exporter and manufacturer of strong and stunning granite stone in Kishangarh. We offer these stones at highly affordable prices. However, the pricing depends upon the formulation in accordance with the size, thickness and type of granite slab. So, grab the best deal at Krishna Marbles as we are always ready with our exclusive range of granite rocks taking care of your pockets alongside!